What Marketing is All About: A Personal Realization

Marketing: connecting people with their dreams

Yesterday, I was adding a new listing to Coast Life Spain, the platform where I work as a Marketing Director. As I meticulously filled in the details of a new project, I couldn’t help but visualize what is currently a construction site transforming into someone’s dream home. I could almost hear the laughter, see the love, and feel the warmth of future families living there. Yet, there was one critical piece missing – the people who would eventually call this place home had no idea it even existed.

This realization struck me deeply. The essence of marketing, I understood in that moment, is about connecting. It’s about bridging the gap between a mere structure and the individuals who will infuse it with life and memories. As marketers, our job is to connect people with their dreams, to transform an object (a house) into a home.

Marketing is the art of connecting dreams with reality, transforming mere products into experiences that resonate and endure.

This profound sense of connection is where I thrive. The idea of being a matchmaker on a soul level, of knowing that my efforts help someone find their perfect place, fills me with an incredible sense of purpose and satisfaction. It’s not just about selling a property; it’s about making a significant, positive impact on someone’s life.

As I continue to work on marketing campaigns, listings, and promotions, I carry this realization with me. Each project is more than a task; it’s an opportunity to connect people with their dreams, to help them find where they truly belong. This is what marketing is all about, and this is why I love what I do.

Using AI Tools to Create Great Listings

In my role as Marketing Director at Coast Life Spain, leveraging technology to enhance our listings has become an integral part of the process. Recently, I discovered some incredible AI tools that have revolutionized the way we present properties. These tools not only save time but also add a unique touch that helps potential buyers visualize and connect with their future homes more easily.


One such tool is RunwayML.com. This platform allows me to create stunning videos from a series of pictures. Instead of just uploading static images, I can now offer potential buyers a dynamic, engaging visual tour of the property. The AI seamlessly stitches together photos to create a video that showcases the property in a way that feels almost like walking through it. This immersive experience is crucial in helping buyers feel connected to the space before they even step foot inside.


Another game-changer has been Sunoai.ai, an AI tool that creates personalized music tracks. Adding a custom soundtrack to our property videos elevates the entire presentation. Music sets the mood and can evoke emotions that static images or silent videos simply cannot. By tailoring the music to match the vibe of the property, whether it’s a serene seaside villa or a bustling urban apartment, we can further enhance the storytelling aspect of our listings.

Using these AI tools, I feel like I’m not just listing properties; I’m crafting an experience. Each listing becomes a unique narrative, inviting potential buyers to imagine their lives unfolding in these beautiful spaces. These innovations in marketing not only make my job more exciting but also significantly improve how we connect with our audience.

Resizing Images

And by the way, resizing images is a must! While I prefer using Photoshop for its advanced features, you don’t have to invest in such software to get the job done. There are several online tools that can efficiently resize your images:

ResizeImage.net: A straightforward tool for resizing images without losing quality.

PicResize.com: Offers various resizing options and formats, making it user-friendly for quick adjustments.

Canva.com: Not only great for design but also includes robust image resizing features.

Adobe Spark: Provides easy-to-use resizing tools along with other creative options.

JPEGmini: Optimizes and reduces the file size of JPEG images while retaining quality.

TinyPNG: Compresses PNG and JPEG images effectively, making them lighter and faster to load.

By ensuring images are appropriately sized, you enhance the loading speed of your listings and maintain a professional appearance across all platforms.

This step is crucial in delivering a seamless viewing experience for potential buyers.


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